Redefining the way investors and businesses build wealth, transact, and raise capital,

with a personalized AI based trading platform

A security token that is backed by fiat currency and global economic performance
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Why choose BI GLOBAL?
Automatic matching of buyers & sellers via a unique artificial intelligence approach.

The BI Golden security token provides fiat currencies a store of value whose exchange rates will always be greater and/or of equal value to the base currency denominator (USD).


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Our Token
What is the BI Golden security token?
Decentralized Investing
in Public Companies.
Backed by the USD,
   and the Global
Financial Markets.

Retain Capital
and ROI in a

Low transaction
Global System
and Secure
Mobile app
A mobile app with global connectivity.  Transact anywhere across the world.

Quarterly Payout Bonuses of 8% from Net Sales.

10% Of Net Profit Will Be Used To Buy Back BI Golden Tokens.

Receive Annual Dividend Payments.

15% of company shares will be used to issue 300mil BI Golden security tokens.

Token sale term
  • Name:BI Golden Security Token
  • Fixed Limit:90,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap:30,000,000 USD
  • Exchange:1 USD = 1 BI
  • Currency:ETH, BTC
  • Min Purchase:50 USD
  • Starts:April 23, 2019 (9:00 AM)
  • Ends:April 22, 2020 (11:59 PM)
Fund distribution
$1 – Coin price
300 million Hard Cap
300 million Token sale
300 million Tokens
Token distribution
3% Advisors
9% Founders and Team
25% Reserved Funding
45% Distributed
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Dec 2016

AI Investment Analyzing System cultivated and integrated.

Q4 2018

Launch of our Blockchain Trading Platform & Community.

Q2 2019

Completion and launch of the Future Financial Centre.

  • Dec 2016AI Investment Analyzing System cultivated and integrated.
  • Q2 2019Completion and launch of the Future Financial Centre.
  • Q4 2018Launch of our Blockchain Trading Platform & Community.

BI Golden token price

0.00015 BTC

STO Participants

Supported countries
Our Team
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Want even more in-depth information about the BI Golden Security Token?  Click on our business whitepaper below and indulge in more details of what makes BI Golden so unique and groundbreaking!

Frequently Questions

The premise of the BI golden security token lies in its ability to grow in value while improving the issues that other tokens have such as being able to use it as a medium of exchange in both local and decentralized markets.   

ICO investors are able to purchase the token using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD directly from our website.

Whether you’re a retail investor or just saving money, the BI token is a central framework embedded with countless features and options that address real-world issues that decentralized currency users have been asking for. 

Such as:

  • Decentralized currency that is backed by fiat currency
  • Anonymous investing in public companies coupled with:
    • Thusney’s proprietary AI system
    • Private and anonymous communication channels with other BI token holders
  • BI token integration with Visa; all users will be able to spend the BI token in local markets using the Debit Visa card
  • Users experiencing technical difficulties are able to submit anonymous support tickets in both public and private chat rooms

The value of the currency is maintained stable as the BI token holds a 1:1 reserve ratio that is backed by a fiat currency- the USD. As the funds will be held in a trust account, at any given point in time the BI token value will always be equal to one USD or 1 BI token=1 USD.

However, the value of the BI token is bound to increase as BI token holders invest in public companies using Thusney’s AI system in collaboration with the closed private community. As the ROI is kept in a decentralized environment, all BI token holders will experience growth in their personal accounts as the market value of BI tokens increases.

Yes, you will be able to purchase it through a secondary crypto exchange.

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