The state of A.I. and the financial markets


Hello, crypto world!  Usually, the beginning of a new blog is lackadaisical and uninspiring.  So with that said, we at BI Global would like to hit the ground running.  We have plenty of information about ourselves and what we plan to accomplish moving forward, because of this we don’t want to bore our readers and more importantly do not want to become redundant.   So instead we will be giving our thoughts and educating the massive financial and technology-loving communities right out of the gates.

AI and trading

Using artificial intelligence to trade equities is not a new occurrence however it continues to be on the rise.   Automation, A.I. and machine learning is primed to do the same if not more for the financial markets.

Computing, in general, was a revolution for investment trading.  The ability to make fast calculations involving giant numbers or track the shift in markets within seconds has totally transformed the industry.   AI and machine learning systems are poised to create another industry transformation.

With where computing and technology have grown over the years, always getting better and more efficient, AI is experiencing a similar fate right now.   Given the staggering amount of data and numbers on a daily basis that a financial institution has to sift through, AI and machine learning allow traders to crunch that data quicker and in bigger quantities than ever before.

The ability to crunch millions upon millions of data points in real time and apply that information to a trading strategy is incredibly useful and incredibly profitable.   For example being able to predict how the market will behave by combing through historical data in real time and applying that data to an algorithm of your choosing.

For retail investors, this hits home even larger since most retail investors do not have the time to research and go through tons of historical data to properly assist them in their trading ventures.    The ability to leverage a predictive algorithm powered by AI technology just makes things more convenient and efficient for the nearly 300 million retail investors worldwide.  One such technology, the BI Analyzing System does just that for retail investors.   Using their app on the App Store or Play Store, give you access to proprietary AI engine that analyzes and displays the perfect time to buy or sell a stock, commodity or cryptocurrency.

…The ability to leverage a predictive algorithm powered by AI technology just makes things more convenient and efficient for the nearly 300 million retail investors worldwide.
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But retail investors aren’t the only ones with access to AI trading software.  As I type right now, financial firms all over the world are investing in new services and technologies that leverage AI to make data-driven trading more efficient.  One example is Mizuho Financial Group, Inc out of Japan.  They have teamed up with IBM to create a new Market Forecasting Tool.  The tool uses advanced AI technologies including a unique artificial neural network called dynamic Boltzmann machine (DyBM).

Although there are tons of new advancements involving machine learning, AI, neural networks, etc, within the financial markets, the human factor still exists and will continue to exist.  Humans will ultimately always be involved in the forecasting of financial markets.  It’s just that now we get the help of seeing trading patterns and tracking market movements more sophisticated and faster from our little AI buddies.


AI technology helps us by making things faster and analyzing lots of data in real time.


It’s here to stay!  And only getting better, faster, stronger.


The benefits of AI have now started to trickle down towards the many retail investors worldwide.

Please note we hope was just an overview of the topics and interesting areas of discussion, of which we will be delving into much more deeply in the future.   But for now, think of this blog as a beacon for all things coinciding with the global financial/cryptocurrency markets/artificial intelligence/computer science, etc.

We hope these areas of focus will interest, inform, and entertain.